Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Earth - Air - Fire - BEER!

This week hubby and I had the pleasure of taking part in one of the fabulous Medford Beer Week events.  After looking thru the entire calendar of fun to be had and beer to be drank, this one looked right up our alley.  A Brewers Dinner at Elements featuring Mad River brewery; it would be five courses of fabulousness paired with tasty beers.  Ummm…yes please!

To preface the whole situation, Elements is my favorite restaurant in Medford.  They have a martini there called “air” that will blow your mind!  My liver would hate me if I had a free flowing supply of this!  Anyways, it is one of the only places I can go and feel like I am in a bigger city.  The people, the ambiance, the menu, lighting, décor…it’s perfect.  On top of the feeling you get when you are there…I have NEVER put I bite of their food in my mouth that I haven’t loved.  How many restaurants can you say that about? 

I knew that it was going to be a good night when the owner introduced the tables of people that were there.  Among them were a table from Smithfield’s (my favorite restaurant in Ashland) and a table from Oak Tree (the best place to cause and then cure a hangover in Ashland).  If these are two of the special guest tables for this event…how could this go wrong!?  We are clearly among royalty!

I don’t have a big disappointment or disaster to report here.  This is just an entry about straight fabulousness!  Among the menu there is one item that I cannot stop thinking about: black cod “chips” and salsa.  They took the fish a cut it super thin and then fried it up and tossed it with salt.  They literally looked like kettle chips! It was served with a blood orange salsa and avocado aioli….oh, and a Steelhead Extra Pale by Mad River.  I wish black cod chips came in a bag at the grocery store!  I would eat them like it was my job and I would get really fat off these tasty bits and I would be happy.  Below is a doesn't do it justice...but just so you can see what I'm talking about.

Other bites of wonderful included braised oxtail, liver pate, and a black cherry ice cream and Jamaica Red Ale float (see picture below)!  There was also more beer than this wine-o knew what to do with!  (When is Medford going to have a wine week?) Like I said before, not a single disappointment to report.  So while this entry may not be as amusing as the rest…the important thing to note is…if you are ever in Medford, go to Elements! Whether it is for dinner, a drink with an app, or one of their many fabulous events…this foodie has NEVER been disappointed and neither will you.

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